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Kansas Housing Resources Corporation launches webpage of available resources

The Kansas Department of Commerce has partnered with the Kansas Housing Resources Corporation (KHRC), the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Federal Home Loan Bank to launch a webpage listing the housing resources available in Kansas.

The state and the federal government have numerous programs available to assist individuals and communities in meeting their housing needs. The housing resources page can be accessed at

“As our economy continues to grow, it’s imperative that our state has a good supply of affordable and quality housing,” Kansas Commerce Secretary Pat George said. “Rural areas in particular often face a shortage of housing. By partnering with KHRC and other agencies, we’re trying to make sure that these communities can meet the demand for housing and attract families and jobs.”

In Kansas, resources available to support housing needs include the following:

  • The Housing Assessment Tool, which helps communities become more aware and informed of their current housing inventory in order to develop relevant strategies for housing improvement.
  • Programs to assist developers.
  • Programs available for cities, counties and non-profits.
  • Several USDA and KHRC programs that help individuals and families finance or repair homes.
  • Programs available to lenders.

KHRC Executive Director Dennis Mesa said he is pleased to be partnering with the Department of Commerce to further KHRC’s mission of enhancing Kansas communities with housing opportunities.

“The combination of the Department of Commerce’s webpage, in addition to what KHRC’s website has to offer, provides valuable means to help our citizens find housing resources in the state,” said Mesa.

A listing of state and federal housing programs can be found at KansasCommerce.