SKIL was created by; is driven by; and is focused on persons with disabilities, their families, and communities. We provide Advocacy, Education,
and Support with Customer Controlled services to break down and remove existing barriers and bridge social gaps to ensure and preserve
Equality and Independence for all.

Whole Person Headquarters

Posted on Mon, Jan. 21, 2013
The Whole Person opens hyper-accessible headquarters
This week, The Whole Person moves into new offices designed for maximum accessibility.
The Kansas City Star
In the slow, steady rebound of Main Street, a former midtown factory has taken a not-unusual path from empty shell to urban rebirth. But when staff of The Whole Person begin moving into their new headquarters later this week, it will become an immediate landmark in architecture and construction.

The $5 million project is one of a few commercial structures built predominantly for people with disabilities and using guidelines of a concept called universal design.

From its wider-than-usual hallways to color-coded walls to extra-deep, voice-controlled elevators, the building was custom-rehabbed for The Whole Person, an agency that serves the “differently abled” — those in wheelchairs or who live with sensory or mobility impairments.

The agency is consolidating three area offices, the main one at 3420 Broadway and smaller ones in Gladstone and Prairie Village, and moving about 85 employees to the new space. It hopes to establish the three-story building as a Midtown grass-roots gathering place.

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Scholarship Opportunities for Children Who’s Parents are Disabled

Through the Looking Glass and its National Center for Parents with Disabilities and their Families are pleased to announce new scholarships specifically for high school seniors or college students who have parents with disabilities. A total of fifteen $1000 scholarships will be given out Fall 2013.
These scholarships are part of Through the Looking Glass’ National Center for Parents with Disabilities and their Families. There are separate eligibility requirements for high school seniors and for college students:
1. High School Seniors. To be eligible, a student must be a high school graduate (or graduating senior) by Summer 2013, planning to attend a two-year or four-year college in Fall 2013 in pursuit of an AA, AS, BA or BS degree, and have at least one parent with a disability.
2. College Students. To be eligible, a student must be currently enrolled in a two-year or four-year college in Fall 2012 in pursuit of an AA, BA or BS degree, be 21 years of age or younger as of March 11, 2013, and have at least one parent with a disability.

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Home for the Holidays 2012

Skip Smith presents his portrait of Rich Proehl (photo by Bill Cochran) PARSONS, Kan. -- The SKIL Resource Center held its annual meeting and holiday celebration, "Home for the Holidays" on Dec. 7 at the Parsons VFW Hall.

More than 600 meals were served, with a dinner including choices of ham, turkey or pulled pork provided by Ultimate Choice Catering of Frontenac.

SKIL presented state representative Richard Proehl with a portrait, drawn by Parsons artist and SKIL photographer Skip Smith (with microphone in photo at left), to honor his support of SKIL and its endeavors while a member of the Kansas House. Proehl's wife, Linda, recently retired as superintendant of USD 503 in Parsons, also was present.


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The Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP)

The Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) is a Federally funded program that helps eligible households pay a portion of their home energy costs by providing a one-time per year benefit.  LIEAP applications will be posted on Jan. 22nd and can be found at 

LIEAP Frequently Asked Questions .

The following summary describes basic LIEAP eligibility provisions.  Additional information may be obtained by calling 1-800-432-0043.

Persons Eligible

In order to qualify, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. An adult living at the address must be personally responsible for paying the heating costs incurred at the current residence, payable either to the landlord or the the fuel vendor.
  2. Applicants must demonstrate a recent history of payments toward purchase of the primary heating energy.

The combined gross income (before deductions) of all persons living at the address may not exceed 130% of the federal poverty level according to the guidelines liste below:

The combined gross income (before deductions) of all persons living at the address may not exceed 130% of the federal poverty level according to the guidelines liste below:

Persons Living at the Address2013 Maximum Allowable Monthly Income
1 $1,210
2 $1,639
3 $2,068
4​ $2,497​
5​ $2,926​
6​ $3,355​
7​ $3,784​
8​ $4,213​
9​ $4,642​
10​ $5,071​
11​ $5,500​
12​ $5,929​
+ add $429 for each additional person

















Benefit levels vary according to the following factors:

  • Household income
  • Number of persons living at the address
  • Type of dwelling
  • Type of heating fuel

KanCare Workgroup Membership - February 15, 2013 deadline to nominate members

As a member of the currently existing KanCare Member Involvement and Protections Workgroup I learned about the information listed below. Please carefully review the information and consider nominating workgroup members.
Martha Hodgesmith
The information below is taken directly from the KanCare website.
These workgroups are required to be activated and active now that KanCare is in effect.

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AbleGamers Announces Accessible Mainstream Game of the YearAbleGamers Announces Accessible Mainstream Game of the Year

By Guest Blogger Steven Spohn, Editor-In-Chief, The AbleGamers Foundation

The fight for equality continues to rage on, but no more so than in the frontiers of virtual worlds. These are priceless environments where a man who can’t hear can be a rock star, a woman who can’t see can fly a spaceship and a child who can’t move a muscle can be a world class athlete. Yes, these things called “video games” can bring an immense amount of joy to those who may otherwise be completely locked out of some of life’s most precious moments.

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